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Welcome to over 1,000 options from the contract furniture specialists. As you'll find throughout this easy-to-use site, PlanIt does more to match the nation's hospitality and leisure venues with contract seating and tables of outstanding value and quality - always working to meet the individual needs of each business.

You'll discover style that endures. With comfort that uplifts. And with luxury that entices. Find eye-catching tables for elegant restaurants. Inviting sofas for relaxed receptions. Robust chairs for bustling cafés. And cosy armchairs for happy residential homes.

From traditional and classic through to in-vogue and contemporary. With each design available in the widest choice of fabrics, leathers, woods and metals. In short, you'll find PlanIt offers the value, choice and service you need.

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What is Contract Furniture?

Contract Furniture is a term used in the furniture industry for products that are designed, tested, and manufactured to specific quality standards so that they can be used for commercial applications. By meeting these standards the end user will have the assurance that the furniture has been designe…

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